Stay Zen, Mind in a Box ™ makes your data work
for you

You want Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to help you in your operations, but you do not think you can afford it?
Our system is much more affordable than you think. 

A flexible offer that adapts to your strategy

You only pay for what you need

The best possible price / performance ratio, for the perfect fit

3 power levels, desktop & datacenter versions in 1U and 3U

Mind in a Box is installed without modifying your infrastructure or forcing you to get new expertise, and it is configured according to your activity and your applications. At the hardware level, it can be deployed and combined in High Performance Computing versions with the most powerful acceleration components of the moment (Our two 3U models, with or without AI accelerator). But it can also be small and reside in a corner of your technical room (Model 1U), and sometimes even on your desktop (Desktop Model).


You choose the features supported by our system, whether it's our own components, or partner solutions

Mind in a Box™ Track

Your Big data, your operation’s history, your mobile devices, the Internet of Things or multi-sensors, the Open Data, your location-based information. Mind in a Box™ Track knows how to consume, analyze, synthesize, in real-time.

Mind in a Box™ Trace

To certify trusted information and store it for your operation’s control and/or security. Mind in a Box™ Trace puts high-tech traceability at your service, including Blockchain and Proof of Location.

Mind in a Box™ Secure

Its mission is to guarantee the security of your infrastructure and your operation data. Backed by state-of-the-art technologies. Mind in a Box™ Secure helps you meet even more demanding personal data protection regulations.

Mind in a Box™ Make

Whether it's fault prevention of production, supply, or operational optimization. Mind in a Box™ Make is designed to give your Industry 4.0 strategy all the power of Real-Time Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

The solutions supported by Mind in a Box ™ from our partners

All your data with Elastic

Elastic ingests, analyzes, searches, and visualizes all your data, whatever the type, in a distributed environment designed for your peace of mind.

Cybersecurity and data protection with Splunk

Turn machine data into answers, get valuable information about your risks.

Supervision of infrastructures with Centreon

Monitor your hybrid infrastructures from one end to the other, from the cloud to remote sites.

Connecting with the Microsoft ecosystem

Microsoft is a global leader in information technology, including ERPs, Office 365, and the Azure Cloud environment.


Our Strengths

Mind in a Box ™ is a new way of doing Advanced Analytics and AI, safely and without losing your Zen.


Stay grounded
Your data stays home, whether you choose to use Mind in a Box™ alone or in addition to your cloud strategy. We partner with world-class cloud players.


Always ready
It makes sure that you can sleep. Always active, it monitors your infrastructure and warns you when a failure occurs or is about to occur. He can even take care of ensuring continuity for you.


A healthy mind in a healthy body
With the best tools on the market, it takes care of your security and that of your data. Whether it's protection against intrusions and malice, or to comply to the most recent regulatory requirements, our solution protects your information.


Open minded
Multiply the value of your data wherever it is from, cross it with Open Data, Mobile Data, IoT.
Our solution offers you an optimal level of compatibility with today's big data, in all its diversity.


Listening to your needs
Mind in a Box™ responds to your requests without the need for complicated interfaces' training.
Thanks to Alexa technology, it reacts to your voice to interrogate your data and give you access to the results.


Your third eye
All your data, at a glance, right away, anytime.
Our interfaces allow you to display in real time all the data sources of the system, whether dashboards, data on cartographic backgrounds, or even 3D scenarios.


Intelligent so you can focus on what matters
Mind in a Box™ gives you machine learning in an affordable and convenient way, so you can focus on what really matters, without getting lost in the details.

Some of our clients


Bell Solutions Techniques

Bell Solutions Techniques uses two Mind in a Box ™ systems with M/B Track ™ and M/B Secure ™, in conjunction with Elastic & Splunk for operational analytics on its Bell Connect social network, as well as for the monitoring and securing of its on-site infrastructure.



Englobe, leader in soils, materials and environment since 1961, uses a Mind in a Box™ system with M/B Track ™ and Elastic for several operational analytics applications.



WikiNet uses a Mind in a Box ™ system with M/B Track ™, M/B Trace ™ and Elastic, based on Blockchain infrastructure and real-time tracking of contaminated soil transports using geolocation, IoT, and multi-sensing for the new version of its Traces Quebec system.


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